Sunday, January 8, 2012


I’m living a imitation life,
Thousands of lies and deceptions
Thatched together into
A replica of authenticity.

No warmth emanates
At the hearth stones of this place.
Dishonesty burns with flash
But no heat to cut the chill
Deceit leaves in its wake.

My reality lies forgotten,
Screams unheard behind
The walls of my glass cage,
Still breathing, still fluttering,
Aching to break free.

I stand at the gate
And hear the rumbling
Of the upcoming storm,
The impending reckoning
Will soon be at hand.

Truth is bubbling through
The cracks in this shell,
A caustic cleanser
Capable of removing the debris
That fills my days.

I grope blindly for an anchor
To prevent the tempest from
Pulling me into the midst of the calamity,
Conserving as much strength as possible,
Knowing that I will have to rebuild
A more genuine existence.
The truth, after all, shall set me free.


Mary said...

I do think the truth CAN set one free. The truth is best, though often very hard. I think a person feels better when truth is known and dealt with. Waiting for 'the reckoning' is difficult!

booguloo said...

Could be the truth or the drive of self-actualization. Either of the two might help you achieve a more genuine existence. Nice write!

Laurie Kolp said...

Very thought-provoking, Mary. I'm glad the narrator found the strength to make a change.

Laura Maria said...

A very gripping, intense piece. Reading this makes me wonder how many people live like this. I can remember feeling this way myself. I can say the truth did set me free!

brenda w said...

You cast light into dark corners when you write about them. We all go to those places, and the possibility of freedom at the end helps. Excellent contribution.

Traci B said...

A lot of wisdom in this poem, Mary. The narrator has had the light shed in the dark places of the heart and recognizes the need to live a genuine life, no matter how hard it may be to start that process. Excellent piece.

Judy Roney said...

Your writing and the way you have of saying things is unique and often surprising. I see so much here of myself and life in general. How much less stress we would put on ourselves and less chaos we would have in our life if we lived authentic lives. Bravo!