Friday, September 30, 2011

Misty's Song


When our angel lost her smile
And gained her heavenly wings,
Tears of heartache washed away
The joy a baby brings.

We know God has his reasons
But we all still wonder why
A baby’s life could end so soon
And leave us here to cry.

Her loving joyful spirit
Put a smile on every face.
Now she smiles for Jesus
In that special sacred space.

When we finally join her,
We’ll be greeted with a kiss,
When we all go home to heaven
And we see our “Little Miss.”

In memory of Misty LeeDawn Taylor
February 22, 2011 - September 25, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Snow Blind

The fluorescent gas station glow
Turned flurries into falling stars.
Matching footprints in virgin snow,
Hand in hand we walked.
He leaned closer, then kissed me,
One perfect moment
When the rest of the world melted away,
Leaving only the two of us
And a shower of stars.

But the snow melted
Much as he melted out of my life,
A memory etched in the frost of yesterday.
I’ve chased that kiss for twenty winters now.
I’ve sought refuge from the blizzard
With poor substitutes unable to thaw my icy heart.
One came close, but he turned colder
And I barely escaped his glacial chill.

I still brave the cold,
Hoping my lonely set of footprints
Will once again find its match
As I search for that perfect moment,
When one kiss made the world melt away
In a shower of falling stars.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Open Doors

I see you
At your doorway
Day after day.
When our glances meet
You always smile
Then silently turn away,
Just passing open doors
And never walking through.

Through My Eyes

If you could see through my eyes
You would not recognize the woman in my mirror,
Watching the happy fa├žade that greets you
Crumble in the privacy of my room.
You would see my path is not of my choosing,
Crippled by an emotion too strong to forget.
You would see a world of tender fantasies
Dying of neglect.

If you could listen with my ears
You would hear the echoes of love,
All that a shattered heart will hold.
With my ears you would hear the yearning wind
Blowing your name through the willows each night,
A constant reminder of my pain.

If you could stand in my place,
You would walk my lonely streets
And understand the tears I never reveal,
The life I can’t piece together.
You would battle for my sanity,
A victory slipping out of reach
With each breath I take.

If you could dream with my heart
You would remember the prince
Who rescued and condemned me with one smile.
You would find I’m losing my faith,
Releasing the hope I embraced for too long.

If you could see through my eyes,
You would know why I love you,
And why life without you will kill me.


The chill of a dark October wind
Blows a type of madness into the brain,
As Druids trek through the countryside
While ghosts and goblins
Dance with an autumn storm.
The summer is gasping its last breaths,
Unwilling to step aside for winter’s fury.
The high priest performs his father’s rituals.
Smoke from leaf fires mixes
With the aroma of a witch’s brew
Enticing one and all to taste,
If they be strong enough.