Monday, March 19, 2012

A Modern Take on Fairy Tales

I quit believing in fairy tales long ago.
These stories carry a promise of happiness
But baffle us when reality negates fantasy.

There are no glass slippers for these feet,
No magical delivery of an elegant gown
Spun from starlight by a fairy godmother.
I’ve never wandered the dark hallways
That lead to enchanted towers
Or alone through a haunted wood,
Basket of goodies in hand,
Anxiously listening for signs
Of a wolf stalking my footsteps.
An evil elf will never test my limits
In a sadistic guessing game.
Prince Charming and his meaningless gestures
Hold no substance behind the fa├žade,
And kissing too many frogs
Only results in a trip to the free clinic.
I’ve never even seen a spinning wheel,
Much less pricked my finger on the spindle.
Singing in the forest to a gentle menagerie?
Housekeeping for seven short miners?
I don’t think so.

The drama in my life comes
From much more mundane sources,
My previous disappointments
Leaving an inherent lack of faith
And no drive to repeat an unhappy ending.

Still, sometimes, a random smile
Or an unexpectedly tender glance
Reminds me of my lost innocence,
Makes me wish upon my star
That someday, someone
Will make me believe again.

Note: This is my 200th posting here at Write Wing Conspiracy...can hardly believe it!


Mary said...

I hope someday someone does.

Sara McNulty said...

Just stunning writing, Mary.

Brian Miller said...

smiles...may your fairy tale come...they are written with such happy endings we start to believe it is possible for us but this jaded world often crushes those...i still cling to hope though...

Old Ollie said...

a solid piece to cap 200 - congrats!

Cressida de Nova said...

Now that would be nice Mary...Good luck!

zongrik said...

Prince Charming and his meaningless gestures -> you don't have to be charming to have meaningless gestures, so is it worse when you are, or aren't charming?

sonnet 36

Claudia said...

wow...first of all...congrats on the 200th post...that's awesome...and can disillusion us the hard way.. on the other know...i'm still singing in the forest all the time...may there come frogs or's worth the fun...smiles

Timoteo said...

"kissing too many frogs only results in a trip to the free clinic"

Kermit called and would like you to explain that remark!

Heaven said...

Congrats on your 200th post ~

I think, inside all of us, is a child still wanting to believe in fairy tales ~

Pat Hatt said...

Hope some day such a belief comes back, with the world how it is though who really knows.

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Beautiful writing--no fairy tales needed---

Mama Zen said...

I felt every word of this one!

Natasha Head said...

Mary! Wonderful pen and a big congrats to you too! It`s an OpenLinkNight celebration for you!

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Congratulations, and this is a wonderful poem. Great details and lots of heart.

Paula Wanken said...

Great picture to accompany a great wordle (AND 3WW).

Here's to happy endings!


Semaphore said...

200 poems! Congratulations!

And what a poem to crown this collection, exploring the loss of innocence through the metaphor of fairy tales, but with an envoi of hope, not quite - but almost - a fairytale ending.

Sheilagh Lee said...

I hope someone makes you believe again.

Mariya Koleva said...

Well, not necessarily bring back your faith in all the senseless things you've pointed out in your poem (perfect points you have made - Bravo!), but surely I hope and wish someone wakes/brings back you faith in your own fairy tale and happy ever after.
Very amuzing write!

tinkwelborn said...

Love this piece.
you set it up nicely with the a reasonable oeuvre of Fairy Tales, then the TURN -- which is wonderful -- in the stanza:
The drama in my life comes
From much more mundane sources,
My previous disappointments
Leaving an inherent lack of faith
And no drive to repeat an unhappy ending.
and the denouement to the Last Stanza....where all the above, hinges upon.
good job; good poem.
I enjoyed this.

brenda w said...

Congratulations on your 200th post. Greaat poem.

Jules said...

Oh, we once believed...and as you say occasionally there is a spark of hope -to fly with Tinker Bell or visit Narnia ... Nicely wordled.

hannah said...

This is quality writing.
[]makes me want to give up, if I'm truthful].
You have such clarity of expression, sequencing and structure for your interpretation of the subject.
BTW, 'no drive to repeal'?