Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Merry Kitchen

Every December
I undertake a delicious mission.
The subtle smells
Of vanilla and cinnamon
Give an inkling
Of the treasures my kitchen holds,
Tins and jars laden with
Pecan-crusted raspberry thumbprint cookies,
Almond bark swirled with walnuts and raisins,
Banana bars studded with chocolate chips,
A snowy dusting of powdered sugar on top,
Treats guaranteed
To arouse amorous thoughts
In the most jaded of eaters
And to entice
Devout dieters
Right over the precipice.
As I set another
Warm pan of holiday cheer
To cool on a trivet,
I genuflect briefly
Toward the North Pole
And continue creating
Peace on Earth,
One batch at a time.


brenda w said...

This is delicious writing! I love where the words took you, Mary, and yes, now I'm hungry. The listing of baked goods got me salivating. :)

Mary said...

Bring on those goodies, Mary! A delectible wordle poem.

Mary Mansfield said...

This is what happens why I get prompt words while planning my holiday baking! Thanks for the kind comments :)

Old Ollie said...

This is a great way to approach the season.

Laurie Kolp said...

Aww... I love this, Mary. I can smell those delicious treats now.

Jinksy said...

I genuflect briefly
Toward the North Pole

Hhehehe! As do all cook everywhere at this time of year, eh? Nice one!♥

Mike Patrick said...

Mary, I checked three times to make sure this posting wasn't somehow entered by my wife. I didn't know two of you could exist at the same time. Beautiful, tasty poem.

Marianne said...

Yum! Your poem is a sweet holiday treat! Wish I lived in your neighborhood!

Mama Zen said...

I love it! So yummy I can almost smell it.

Christine said...

everyone in the house is always happier when those aromas start drifting from the oven