Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Mystic

The mystic peers into the scrying glass,
Searching the swirling mists of time and space
For clues of events that will come to pass,
Finding no outline her finger can trace
Of my waiting path or the trials I’ll face.

My story is one only I can write.
Tarot cards and runes hold no magic sight.
The future is shaped by my own choices;
Required actions, no matter my fright;
Never determined by mystic voices.


Brian Miller said...

true that...our future is def a product of our choices...and i have yet to find a way to cheat that...happy TT

Mrsupole said...

Hi Mary,

Welcome to Theme Thursday. You are a welcome addition and I hope you enjoy us as much as we will enjoy you.

I like your poem, and would it not be so nice if we could predict our future or go visit someone who could, but at the same time I think it would be scary to know what our future holds. Maybe we are better off to not know what each day holds for us or we would spend many days hiding in bed with the fear of knowing what might happen. And you are so right about our future being shaped by our own choices. I sometimes think about the choices I have made and how different my life might have been if I had made other choices. Then I also think that maybe I might not have liked how my life had turned out if I had made those choices.

I guess that life is full of surprises and we just have to accept our past and pray that our future turns out well. Also I have learned that we should be thankful that we have any future because there are so many who do not.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us about the future in this weeks Theme Thursday. It was fun having you join in.

Here's wishing you a Happy New Year.

God bless.

Daydreamertoo said...

I just finished read a trilogy of books called 'Wicked' My teen kept nagging at me to read them because she said they were good. They were! All about white witch craft and black magic, and a love story woven into generations.
No, the future is really only determined by the choices we make in our present.
Nice piece of prose.
Happy new Year.

Mary said...

I'm not into mystics either. Sometimes it would be nice if one did believe; as then one's future would be in someone else's hands. LOL. (And one could then BLAME! LOL)

Grace said...

Yes, the future lies in our hands and by our choices.

thanks for sharing your reflections ~

Happy New Year ~

Old Ollie said...

Agreed! Thanks MM!

Taylor Boomer said...

the future is shaped by your own choices, agree.

luck also plays a role.

good luck.

Happy New Year.