Thursday, December 15, 2011


Black water swirls.
The pressure builds.
The crushing weight
Of this ocean
Forcing the air
From my lungs,
Pulling me downward
Into the waiting arms
Of death.

I never chose this fate.
I never chose this ocean.

Refusing to accept
Inevitable defeat,
I struggle, then escape
The swirling blackness,
Breathing in life,
Breathing in freedom.


Laurie Kolp said...

Wow...I'm glad for the happy ending.

Mary said...

Mary, I can really FEEL this poem. Made me gasp for air. Glad to, at the end, be able to breathe. Well written.

hedgewitch said...

Sums up the desperation of fighting for survival when the deck's stacked against you.

Brian Miller said...

i never chose this we ever get to choose them...i guess sometimes but far too often we find the ones we did not...i too am glad for the turn to freedom in the end...

kellie said...

"I struggle, then escape"

the most important part!

Love this...and I do not know how I missed your FB page but I have liked it now :) Here is mine if you are interested:

Heaven said...

It's a choice to live life and breathe in freedom. Very nice write ~

Fred Rutherford said...

well I just really appreciate this piece. I discuss/use the concept of death and rebirth in my poetry a lot, and love when I see others use it in their own way. The fact that in the front half you refer to the waiting arms of death, you speak about inevitability- the never chose this fate/never chose this ocean-is just awesome- which is the pivot- refusing to accept that inevitability/breathing in life. Outstanding. Thanks

Mystic_Mom said...

Breathe, the reason to breathe can sometimes escape us. So glad you found it in the second stanza. A very powerful and compact read. Enjoyed it very much.

Charles Miller said...

If you think about it death by drowning is a terrible way to die. This captures that terror.