Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dreams of Tuscany

Last night I dreamt of Tuscany
Like many nights before,
My frail heart seeking refuge
On that crystal azure shore.

The streets and land are foreign
But I feel that I belong,
For I know that he’ll be waiting
With his guitar and his song.

He whispered, “Cara mia”
With an intimate embrace,
His dark eyes so familiar
But his smile I can’t quite place.

He sings his simple love songs
In a tongue that I can’t claim.
When translating the music,
The emotions still the same.

He leans in for a tender kiss
As night is fading fast.
He plays a final song for me,
One I know will be the last.

He sings “Con Ti Partiro”
As he fades into the mist
And I wake up holding nothing,
Lips still trembling from his kiss.

~~~ The poem was inspired by the prompt from Carry On Tuesday this week (yep, the second one from this prompt) which was "Time to Say Goodbye," the English translation for the title of the Italian song "Con Ti Partiro."  I will also be linking this up with dVerse Poets Pub for Open Link Night.


Brian Miller said...

oh man what a vivid dream and one i would not want to wake up from...lovely place you chose and to have anyone sing so intimately to you...smiles.

Laura said...


poemblaze said...


mrs mediocrity said...

sigh... just lovely.

chris said...

Gorgeous dream images!
I especially like this: "The streets and land are foreign
But I feel that I belong"
It reminds me of times travelling and having that exact feeling. Your poem makes me want to visit Italy. And maybe have someone serenade me. :)

Anthony Desmond said...

what a beautiful dream

Daydreamertoo said...


Claudia said...

nice...tuscany for sure is a magical area - was there last summer for a saxophone workshop...and the italian language for sure is a language of erotic and love...nice..

aprille said...

Trips off the tongue and made me smile.
Nice to read such a cheery poem.

Laurie Kolp said...

Such a lovely rhythm here, Mary... aren't those dreams the best?

ayala said...

Just lovely!

Anonymous said...

interesting point of view. i'm a singer, so i never imagine people singing to me, certainly never dream it. i actually get annoyed when people try to sing to me.

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Anonymous said...

That was really delightful! You crafted this poem so well. I love the ending and was not expecting it...thank you for such a beautiful read.

Alex Dissing said...

Beautiful photo, beautiful read. Nice to meet you and your talent.

PattiKen said...

Just beautiful, Mary. I wish you more of those sweet dreams.

kaykuala said...

What a sensuous dream. One we would rather allow to linger on. Great verse Mary!


henry clemmons said...

I luv Tuscany. Such a feel you created with your piece. I want visit again next time I visit in Prague. Might just have to travel some more to retaste what you presented here. Excellente!

Leo said...

like they say, music is a universal language. :) cheers.

DQPoetry said...

Mi piace Toscana e Italia!
Thanks for this poem, I love Italy after having an Italian girlfriend for nearly 2 years, and Tuscany was one of my favourite regions. Below is a poem I wrote after some Tuscan inspiration!

Tuscan romance

The spring sun is shining, the birds are a’flight,

As we weave our way through the Florentine light.

Filtered by green trees on the side of the road,

Bordered by clear rivers which for centuries have flowed,

We wind our way into the clear mountain air,

With our trusty Vespa to take us there.

Our destination unknown, but we know what awaits,

For in a Tuscan romance good food and laughter is our fate.

Jessica said...

I like where you went with the prompt!

Sara McNulty said...

Send me that dream telepathically, please. Also, drop by my website for your award.

keiths ramblings said...

How romantic - made me go all gooey!

Joanne Elliott said...

I dream of visiting Tuscany someday. Thank you for taking me there if only momentarily and in such a dreamy way.

Andrew Kreider said...

So vivid! And I love the ending - the dream shading into the waking world. Love it.

Loredana Donovan said...

Very dreamy poem. Love the picture of Tuscany, too. You incorporated some nice Italian phrases. I speak/read Italian fluently :) In case you were wondering, "Cara Mia" means "My Dear," and "Con Te Partiro'" means, "I will leave with you, so it's actually not a goodbye, but an invitation! Have a great day! :)

Hannah said...

Perfect ending, Mary!!! This whole poem reads so melodically, such thought in each line. Great job!

vivinfrance said...

Nice romantic story poem.

Jannpoet said...

A wonderful lyrical poem very romantic, I love it.