Friday, May 11, 2012

Poetic Troubleshooting

Loading poetry program…

Unable to access mental hard drive at this time.

System needs upgrade in memory
(sorry, too proprietary, no new components available)

Reboot system…
(ok, waiting)

Error:  Request is valid but system refused to respond.
Error: Limited or no connectivity to your muse.
(yeah, tell me something I didn’t know)

Defrag to reallocate creative sectors.

Reboot system…
(again, really?)

Error: Cannot create output poem.
Error:  Permission Denied.
Temporary error, try again later.
(at least it’s not the blue screen of death)

~~Written for a prompt from dVerse Poets Pub asking for poems about machines and technology.


Anonymous said...

the best i can do for poetic troubleshooting are my poetry friends

sonnet 40

Charles Miller said...

I really enjoyed the way you incorporate those annoying computer messages into poetry. This is the bane of our poetic existences, I think, given the fact that many are wondering poetry should even or will exist now that computers are on the scene. Poetry's power, I think, comes from the way that poets can internalize and reflect linguistic changes and make them sing. Your poem shows how that's done.

Brian Miller said...

lol...this is awesome...i forget the password to my mind sometimes...smiles...if i start getting error codes we are def in trouble...smiles...

Mary said...

Some days I would like to 'reboot' my mind. LOL. I enjoyed this.

Shawna said...

This is so creative! I love this, Mary. :)

"Unable to access mental hard drive at this time"

I hear that!