Thursday, May 31, 2012

Flavor of the Week

just one touch
of your scorching
velvet tongue
sends me melting
against your lips,
coolness fading
in the presence
of your heat,
what you don’t consume
left in a vanilla puddle
on the sidewalk
as you move on
to sample the next flavor.

~~~~ This was written in response to a prompt from Theme Thursday asking for poems about ice cream.


Mary said...

Some people are never satisfied and continue to look for a reason to move on! Shun them.

Brian Miller said...

ouch...this goes from sensual to a painful melt on the sidewalk discarded in the end..

Grace said...

What leap from the sweet sensual tongue to the sadness and betrayal ~ Well done including the picture, it says a lot ~

SaraV said...

Mary I love this, sensuality, really powerful visual in the first stanza--Nice!

Anonymous said...

Lovely play of sensuality and doom at the end. Poor ice cream!! Should have given it to me!!