Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Lost Love Playlist (a cento)

Stormy Sky by Alicia Dunavan

Woke up to the sound of pouring rain,
a bottle of vodka 
still lodged in my head.
There’s no comfort in the truth, 
full of broken thoughts,
lying naked on the floor.

What a wicked thing to do, 
to make me dream of you…

Lines for this cento borrowed from: I Remember You - Skid Row,  Bed of Roses - Bon Jovi, Careless Whisper - Wham!, Hurt - Johnny Cash, Torn - Natalie Imbruglia,  Wicked Game - Chris Isaak

Written for a prompt over at the Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild (the new incarnation of Poetic Bloomings), asking for poems about the sounds of love.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Flirting with Inspiration

Pen by Anna Langova

A poem is playing 
At the edges of my mind, 
A metered temptress enticing me 
With come-hither rhymes
And innuendos of alliteration 
That never quite spring to life.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Girl Who Swallowed a Storm

Tree and Storm 2 by George Hodan

There was a girl who swallowed a storm.
Thunder echoed through her head 
and lightning crackled in her veins. 
She built her flood walls high and locked the gates, 
seeking protection from the deluge, 
but in her desperation she trapped the storm inside.
The tempest grew as the girl 
became a woman half-drowned in sorrow, 
too often swept off balance in the surge. 
With the last of her resolve and a frantic gasp, 
the woman took a pen and poked 
a poem-shaped hole in the wall, 
then another and another 
until a new world poured forth, 
a world where the rising waters 
never swamped her again.


Pushing by Sabine Sauermaul

She’s thinking about things 
that don’t need thinking, 
the taboo white spaces 
of secrets held deep inside.  
just another silent voice 
screaming in the street, 
unheard and alone.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Lesson Unlearned

A small sampling of what passes for writing in my notebooks...

I squint and sigh,
Attempting to decipher 
The random squiggles 
Drifting through my notebook, 
Scratchings that resemble 
Cuneiform translations
Of alien hieroglyphics,
Not the neat loops and lines 
Demanded in fourth grade penmanship.

Mrs. Brucker,
You have my humblest apologies…

Friday, January 16, 2015

Singing a Broken Song

Depression by Sabine Sauermaul

Music has been torn apart in my mind. 
My mood is dead, 
sacrificed to absent light and noise. 
I pray for numbness 
yet still seek something more, 
a file to smooth 
the rough edges of my life. 
I race forward 
into the holy tangle of shade, 
forever carrying 
the mistakes of yesterday, 
my memories lingering 
alongside the space 
of silent dread.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cups of Seduction

Cup of Coffee by Tilen Hrovatic

Instinct guides me to him every morning, 
A bleary-eyed woman half in dream time.  
He greets me with a steamy caress 
And I lose myself in his depths, 
His aroma enticing me 
To indulge one more time, 
Warming my aging bones 
Strengthening my sanity, 
Bringing me back to life 
One sip at a time.  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

End of Days

Apocalypse by Josee Holland Eclipse

Tribulation walks the land,
Our broken spirits braced
For the next catastrophe,
The land mine waiting 
To shatter our fragile illusions.
Do not linger in those sorrows,
For what seems to be
The beginning of the end
Is often just
The end of the beginning.