Monday, February 2, 2015

The Girl Who Swallowed a Storm

Tree and Storm 2 by George Hodan

There was a girl who swallowed a storm.
Thunder echoed through her head 
and lightning crackled in her veins. 
She built her flood walls high and locked the gates, 
seeking protection from the deluge, 
but in her desperation she trapped the storm inside.
The tempest grew as the girl 
became a woman half-drowned in sorrow, 
too often swept off balance in the surge. 
With the last of her resolve and a frantic gasp, 
the woman took a pen and poked 
a poem-shaped hole in the wall, 
then another and another 
until a new world poured forth, 
a world where the rising waters 
never swamped her again.

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