Monday, September 10, 2012

A First Love Challenge

Writing by Elisa XYZ
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Writing a poem about you,
More than twenty years removed,
Is not that hard to do.

Icy blue eyes,
Lanky frame,
Strong hands
That could not resist
My curves,
Indelible marks
In my memory.
My taste for
Biker-cowboy-badass swagger
Was first found at your lips.
Even now
I lose myself in you
When Jeff Healey plays
In a random radio moment.
The faintest wisp
Of your cologne
Makes my heart race,
My eyes desperately searching,
Only to find unknown faces
That aren’t yours.
Every emotion
From hope to heartache
Is forever tinged
With your essence,
An echoing undercurrent
That shades my entire world.

Writing a poem about you…
That’s the easy part.
The real challenge
Is writing a poem that isn’t.

~~~ This poem was written for the poetic memoir series of prompts from Poetic Bloomings.  This week we were asked to think about the first time we fell in love.


Susan said...

POW. I have a couple of these wispy live ghosts, those who helped to shape the soul of me. A beautiful read.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Some people are impossible to forget and dangerous to remember.

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

You captured both the attraction and the danger--loved this Mary

Laura said...

well done!

Mary said...

I understand exactly what you mean! And I concur with both Audrey and Kerry! (But I love this poem!)

kaykuala said...

Can't help in expecting them but mindful of the danger. Nicely Mary!


Margaret said...

Even now
I lose myself in you
When Jeff Healey plays

I think we all have that "someone" in the recesses (or not so recessed) corners of our mind!

Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

What a challenge to keep the past in the past! This poem captured so well the dilemma shared in comments.

Barbara said...

Terrifically expressed! I know that old flame, never quite got him out of my system! I loved your surprise ending.

Susie Clevenger said...

Oh first loves...I remember mine. I still have letters from him (my husband has read It was great to hear you read it!

Heaven said...

I like all the details of the second stanza...and then the twist in the end ~ Superbly done ~

Daydreamertoo said...

Sometimes it's dangerous to look back and yet, somethings never change... the old pangs are still there when we do, even if they were not good for us...
Lovely memories recalled.

Hannah said...

Oh, to swoon...this is some hungry verse...nicely done, Mary!!

Kim Nelson said...

Your last two lines say it all!

my heart's love songs said...

a lot of love in those memories, Mary! i adore the last stanza!

Rick.Daddario said...

aloha Mary - they do remain they do remain - with us. great ending -

"Writing a poem about you…
That’s the easy part.
The real challenge
Is writing a poem that isn’t."


those "Biker-cowboy-badass" boys. another line i like.

very cool. aloha.