Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Good Punk by Sabine Sauermaul

resist the poisons 
into our weakened bodies,
man-made plagues 
set loose 
upon an unsuspecting world

resist the lies 
into our minds 
by manipulators  
seeking more sheep 
to cower 
at the feet 
of their masters

resist the misdirection 
of the magicians of power
with so much to hide,  
their only armor 
against the truth

resist the invasion 
of the eyes and ears 
of the betrayers; 
gird your houses 
in silence,
for the time of battle 

there is no other option
we must resist 

~~~ This poem was written for a prompt over at Poetry Jam, asking us to examine ars poetica, didactic, and subversive poetry.


Mary said...

I just went to the movie "The Master" this past week. Your poem reminds me of this. The 'master' formed his own cult and developed a set of devoted followers. He appeared outwardly so benevolent, but inside was the exact opposite.

my heart's love songs said...

ooooooh! i love this, Mary! sounds like advocating subversion might be very dangerous, though! {smile}

thank you so much for participating in my prompt, Mary!


Brian Miller said... the use of gird in this...that takes this to another level for me, reminds me of a scripture, but....i like the message of your poem and it is something we must on guard for ourselves and our families...

Susan said...

"seeking more sheep
to cower
at the feet
of their masters"

I read your words at a social level, but ended with thinking this a new psalm from/to a caring God.

Very powerful.

Daydreamertoo said...

You know this has so much truth in it.
I had that H1N1 flu shot believing that because I have Lupus, I'd be better off with the protection, I haven't been able to breathe right since then. All sorts of problems with my bronchial tubes etc. I saw A Jessie Ventura episode that a scientist said the Shots are a trigger for something else to be set up to wipe us out if/when the various governments see fit to do it. She said, do not get the vaccinations at all! (Too late for me) I have to wonder if they're right now since all these probs I've been having.
So, I GET what you're saying in this Mary. Very powerful!

SaraV said...

Mary, too true--wow people are "truthing" (see "These Boots Are Made For Walking" always loved that...) a lot in this prompt! The older I get, the more my inner rebel is (s)peaking out. Great poem!

Peggy said...

Excellent take on the prompt Mary. I am definitely convinced of the need to resist!

Mama Zen said...

Excellent write, full of truth and power!

aprille said...

Great strenght: I can hear it being intoned with conviction. Clever.

Laurie Kolp said...

Yes! I agree.

Dave King said...

Ingenious poem, which answers the challenge excellently. I like it very much - and the brilliantly chosen image to go with it.

Helen said...

Tell it like it is, Mary ~~ tell it like it is!!!!

Sabio Lantz said...

Didactic and subversive. Well done.
This is not art for arts sake - and that is why I liked it!