Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Angel

Baby Angels by Peter Griffin
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Spread your wings, little angel,
As you fly away from me
Into the loving arms of Jesus
And your waiting family.
Though I barely got to know you
And it doesn’t seem fair,
Spread your wings, little angel,
Peace is waiting for you there.

Don’t be afraid, little angel,
You have nothing to fear.
If you look inside your heart
You’ll find I’ll always be near.
I’ll keep your memory with me
Until my dying breath.
Don’t be afraid, little angel,
Love lives on after death.

Don’t cry for me, little angel,
Let a smile light up your face.
There is no room for sadness
In that heavenly space.
Your spirit is much stronger
Than this mortal flesh and bone.
Don’t cry for me, little angel,
I’ve got tears of my own.

Fly high, my little angel,
Spread your golden wings and fly.
Find your first taste of freedom
In that great sacred sky.
When my time on Earth is over,
Please take me by the hand,
And I’ll fly with you, little angel,
Into the promised land.

~~~~  This was written for a prompt over at Poetry Jam asking us to consider all kinds of different genres.  I ended up deciding to take my cue from bluegrass music.


my heart's love songs said...

fitting for bluegrass and beautifully written, Mary. i must admit that it brought tears to my eyes when i read:

"Don't cry for me, little angel,
I've got tears of my own."

this is truly stunning!

Mary said...

Mary, this definitely has the bluegrass feel to it! Beautiful wording, and I can hear it being sung. Heartbreaking when a child dies, and all of the condolences one can offer a family seem so very trite in the face of such tragedy.

Susan said...

I feel the music as more hymn-like than bluegrass, but if you hum a few bars for me I will pick up the tune. It is so beautiful!

Your poem touched me deeply as I mourned with two women I know--my niece-in-law and a dear artist friend--who both lost babies last year at 5 and 6 months of age. It hurt so much. Now, both are pregnant again with November due dates, one in Cincinnati and one in Philadelphia. They must fill with the joy that nurtures new life, but they will never forget their little angels.

Brian Miller said...

it is def lyrical....grew up around blue grass...a harder topic too...the death of a child is not an easy thing to get through....

Sherry Blue Sky said...

You took a tragic happening and wrote lovely words of comfort, Mary. Very tender, and very very sweet.

Helen said...

I am a huge fan of bluegrass .. we just had a great festival here in Bend last weekend! Your words would be lovely set to music.

Jessica Maybury said...

I *love* bluegrass. I can imagine this now, with a plaintive girl on a mandolin...