Monday, May 14, 2012

Greeting the Goddess

Wrapped in the chains of expectation
And the intractable whims of others,
A lost wanderer struggling through
The morass of my daily existence,
I’ve squandered opportunities
To drink of glory, of victory,
Talents relegated to obscurity,
Forced to conform by my own insecurities.

It is time to say goodbye
To my indigenous doubts,
The string of demons that visits
Only to dampen my spirits
And fill my eyes with elaborate deceptions
Meant to further impede my faltering footsteps.
No longer will I tremble
In the face of the rituals of despair.
I will live my life with intention,
Significance placed on the journey ahead,
Not the immensity of the mountain I must climb.
I will keep on until I plant my sacred flag on the summit,
Embracing the goddess that dwells within my soul.

~~~ This poem was written in response to several prompts...the prompt from Carry On Tuesday this week was "Time to say goodbye."  I also used this week's words from The Sunday Whirl and Three Word Wednesday.


Keiths Ramblings said...

Your poem oozes determination! I wish you success in your journey.

brenda w said...

Nicely wordled, Mary. I love the affirmations at the end. The last two lines are my favorite.

Daydreamertoo said...

Sometimes hard to do but, we need to do this. Leave the past where it belongs and forge a new path ahead.
Lovely, positive piece Mary

Mama Zen said...

I love the spirit of this!

Anonymous said...

I loved how your words flowed over the page right into my heart and spirit...well crafted and very beautiful indeed.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully weaved expression, enjoyed reading it.

Leo said...

oozing with confidence in the second verse. and i can very much relate to the first, that drowning in self doubt n sinking in expectations. well woven poetry.

PattiKen said...

I really like the positive message expressed in this. You go, girl! That's the only way to live.

Anonymous said...

Great write -- and gifted knack to incorporate so many prompts in one piece!! :)

Visiting from Carry On Tuesday

gsb said...

climb a mountain...plant your soul...a beautiful desire...I think I will steal it from you and add it to my bucket list...great words

Jules said...

We all miss opportunities...the very trick is not to dwell upon them which you have so eloquently stated!

ah...there are two Mary's...Not one and the same?

My offering is here:

I haven't had the chance to read everyone's and the early list is out...arrggg. But arrggg in a good way :)