Thursday, May 24, 2012

Through the Pain

Expression of Pain by MyBurningEyes @ deviantART

Pain is an unwelcome invader,
a parasite injected into my body
at the point of a hypodermic needle,
spreading through my flesh
infecting my whole existence,
leaving me a hostage
to its greedy appetite,
isolated from the wooded canyons I love,
ending nights spent swaying
in half-light in strong arms.

Pain burns with white hot heat
consuming the life I thought I would live,
I suffocate in its tormented touch.
Isolated from those
who don’t understand,
who think I’m
                        looking for a fix

Pain is the monster
lurking beneath my bed
interrupting my sleep
as I struggle to shift weight,
the sweetest dreams providing no refuge.

Pain haunts my faltering steps,
a burden I carry with me
      every moment
            every place.
an inexorable condemnation
with no prospect of reprieve in sight.
                        even a simple walk to the mailbox
becomes a Herculaneum task
leading to tears and torture.

Pain wraps its scaly tentacles around me,
writhing through my body
constricting my mind.
I inhale its essence
with each breath
and my anger grows
bile burning my throat
in reluctant acceptance
knowing that the pain is inescapable.

~~~ This poem was inspired by a prompt from dVerse Poets Pub asking us to write a stream-of-consciousness poem.


Grace said...

I noticed we chose the same eye image ~

I like the painful monster and details of the household chores while trying to get through life ~ It's a challenge to bear it all ~

Thanks for sharing this ~

Brian Miller said...

nice exploration of pain and how it works its way into our lives...the tentacles bit was all too real on a few levels, constricting and probing to find its way in...this works...

Susan said...

Pain is indeed the monster with tentacles who consumes the life we thought to have. You speak the truth beautifully, defying it with the strength of your words.

kaykuala said...

Pain is a bother, true enough! Some pains are tolerable but those unexpected ones can be traumatic! Well written, Mary!


Claudia said...

you captured the hard reality of pain, how it winds its way into a life and tries to destroy it from the inside out..not easy to deal with it.. well captured

Tigerbrite said...

Pain, yes. You describe it so vividly.

Tania A said...

Inspiring exploration of what it must be like to endure such constant agony.

Victoria said...

Chronic pain just takes over our life, doesn't it? You express this so clearly, Mary, how the experience seems to seep into every thought and emotion.

vivinfrance said...

A powerful poem, which resonates with my own pain. Beautifully written.

Mystic_Mom said...

You have used your pain as an octave in your poetic voice, and it resonates so deeply. Very well written and it is deserving of an OUCH too because you've said the pain so well!

S.E.Ingraham said...

A well-drawn detailed piece that sings tautly with pain in every line and as someone else has said, deserving of a huge, "ouch" ...

chris said...

Ooh, you really get to the heart of chronic pain here. What a burden it is, and how it can seem so inescapable, yet what can we do but try to live with it and accept it.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Pain is an invisible torture - the enemy within you have described so well. A beautiful write.

Anna :o]

Laurie Kolp said...

Love this, Mary. I know that kind of pain... the kind that makes each task Herculean... it's depression.

Anna Montgomery said...

An engulfing write! I went through the worst pain of my life for two days last month and thought it would break me. Chronic pain is the worst torture and my empathy is acute. So very well done.

Hannah said...

No one should have to endure this, Mary, my heart breaks. You wrote this so well.

Mary said...

You really put a 'face' on pain in this poem, Mary. I am sorry that some people don't understand. They probably have not known real pain or they would know that no one who feels it would choose to 'fake' it!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I so resonate with this poem...I, too, live with chronic pain, and it took some time to get a proper diagnosis, being a woman of a certain age. It was "menopause", "all in my head", "depression".........then finally chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I so know what you are speaking of here.