Monday, December 19, 2011

What the Fairy Tales Missed

As a little girl I dreamt of my fairy tale ending,
Like the ones in my bedtime stories,
Karma’s lessons taught by
Monsters, dragons, and evil stepmothers.
My heart was much simpler to operate then.
Puppy love requires little sacrifice.
Sorrows lasted just until the next boy came along.
Experience creates a different hierarchy,
A sober understanding of the value
Of love and it’s sacred mission.
No one warned me lies and betrayal are a cancer
Eating away any foundation of trust,
Leaving only a malignant anguish
That infects every aspect of life.
No one ever explained how a fairy tale princess
Survives the death of a dream.


Mary said...

Ah, in fairy tales dreams always had happy endings. Not so in life.

The Purple said...

amazing words.

Laura said...

beautifully written...for some of us fairy tales do come true...I have been with my beloved for 26 years... is our fairy tale fractured in places? yes of course, there are struggles in our shared life, but we are fortunate indeed as the fractures have never been between us, just around us...

truly a beautiful poem.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

That is the question: how does the fairy tale princess survive the death of a dream? Fortunately, we do, taking one step forward at a time. I so relate to this poem. So beautifully written.

booguloo said...

It can turn sour in a heartbeat. Nicely said.

Bradley A. Peraino said...

Fairytales? Reality? Who is to define the differences? Happiness comes from the journey between the cosmic collisions that we water down and call our lives. As for the Princess; I say, dreams never die, they simply evolve. Whether or not you evolve with it is solely up to you.

God write, it made me think.

Jack said...

Ideals and reality often clash for me...