Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Partial Self-Portrait

I've pondered the self-portrait I’m creating,
More Monet than Picasso,
Countless points of poetic color that
When viewed from a distance
Form a reasonable rendering of me.

No manger in this Mary’s destiny,
No shepherds waiting sore afraid in the fields.
The tidings heard in my life
Are seldom ones of joy and peace.
I’ve walked the path of sorrows.
I’ve fallen prey to the relentless talons of fear.
Unfortunately, a heart given in haste often attracts both.

I live by own decree,
Ignoring the wise counsel of others,
The glimmer in my eyes more imp than angel.
Self-restraint and prudence rarely appear
In my ever-changing color palette.

This self-portrait is far from complete,
And, in the end, I hope I was proven worthy
Of adding my signature to the canvas.


brenda w said...

I understand on a deep level, "The glimmer in my eyes more imp than angel...." LOL This is a lovely (partial) self-portrait. It unpeels "you" in layers. It is relatable and humble. Thank you for your contribution. :)

Mary said...

Mary, this is excellent. Perhaps one of my favorites of yours that I have read. I truly like the honesty of it; and yes, I can see more Monet than Picasso. And yes, the color palettes change; and that is undoubtedly a good thing for all. Sharing your name, I should do a similar Christmas.

whenwordsescape said...

Mary ~
Your banner/intro indicates not all of your poems are autobiographical, etc. That's how I write, as well. There is a part of me in every piece I write. But to do a "self portrait"?? I'm not sure it's in me -- the honesty with which you wrote this piece is admirable. And, as Brenda said, very relatable. Thanks for sharing it.

Traci B said...

Mary, I enjoyed this very much. We're all works in progress; the final painting has yet to be seen by any but the Master Painter.