Thursday, March 29, 2012

The March of the Spin Doctors

The spin doctors march across the screen,  
Every channel pushing their own agenda
At the expense of the truth, 
Tossing sparks into the kindling 
Of dried out racial relations, 
Fanning the sacrificial flames, 
Tragedy’s ashes distilling humanity, 
Reducing the players in this drama 
To nothing more than empty symbolism…

Skittles, Arizona iced tea, and a hoodie.


oceangirl said...


Laurie Kolp said...

Right on, Mary!

Charles Miller said...

We always must remember that these things are not real, but their effects can often be more real than we ever hoped to imagine.

joanna said...

nice snapshot of the times :)

Margaret said...

That's what we get when we have 24/7 news channels.

Victoria said...

So right on. The 24 hour news cycle really takes us out of the reality of now.