Monday, March 12, 2012

The Long Pause

Everybody knows you cried last night - jenbeez

She spent years trapped in limbo,
Trouble wrapped around her
Like a thousand writhing tentacles,
Squeezing, choking, suffocating.
She cannot blame some accident of fate
Or some menacing faceless stranger
For a plight caused by her own hand.
That bad decision mars her existence,
Keeping her trapped in her personal hell,
Not allowing her to step forward
And claim the life she was born to live.
She’s paid a hefty toll on this journey,
Confused emotions forced her to settle
For extended misery instead of happiness.

Overwhelming as it seems,
I know she still has plenty of resources,
An untapped strength to spur her on,
To handle the hard choices that face her,
To escape the sadness permeating her life.
Tears are not a permanent tattoo,
Only temporary tracks to be wiped
Away from a hopeful spirit,
One recharged with a new focus after a long pause.
Once again she will drink of joy’s libation
And realize life at its best is poetry;
That’s all she could ever ask for.


Jules said...

...hopeful at its best is poetry...
And links to other wonderful sites I'm not yet familiar with.
Thanks, Mary.

Kay L. Davies said...

Heartbreaking... "to settle
For extended misery instead of happiness."
Bad decisions can be reversed, although it is never ever easy.
"Tears are not a permanent tattoo" is perfect.

Mary said...

You really have created quite a character study here. I like what you did with the wordle words, and the poem works well for RT as well.

Sara McNulty said...

Good use for "mars". Also, I loved, "tears are not a permanent tattoo" and the two uses of libation. Very clever.

Kim Nelson said...

Some really good concepts throughout, Mary. I wandered over from Real Toads, and marvel at your ability to combine prompts.

Heaven said...

I saw this picture too but I choose another one.

I specially like:

Tears are not a permanent tattoo,
Only temporary tracks to be wiped
Away from a hopeful spirit

Great capture of the emotional emptiness ~

My share:

Luna said...


Ella said...

I loved "tears are not permanent tattoo"~ Wow, you really captured this mood so well...
I could feel the essence of void!
Well Done

Brian Miller said...

tears not a permanent tattoo...if only more could realize that...and def felt those tight tentacles...

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow, Mary, reading these lines, I was reading my own life's story. So I know eventually she will break through to joy. Fantastic writing!

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Mary, I love the internal rhyme, the optimism, the spirit of this work. Your willingness to delve deep into the dark places, then allow that same soul to take flight... lovely. Peace, Amy

Laurie Kolp said...

Really beautiful language, moving piece. I have felt like that before.

zongrik said...

so painful yet filled with hope

withered wanderer

Rachel Hoyt said...

Life is indeed poetry. Love the way you wrote this! So inspiring. :)

Rida said...

"Tears are not a permanent tattoo,
Only temporary tracks to be wiped" loved this!!