Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Missed Connection

The airport terminal bustled
With other travelers hurrying
To catch their flights,
Grumblings about the security line
And the early hour
And the crying children
Echoing through the cavernous hallways.
As I braved the elbows
Of the inattentive crowd,
In a random moment
His brown eyes met mine,
A flicker of recognition
Of kindred spirits,
Perhaps lovers in another lifetime
Separated by the veil of death and years,
Another chance to heal
A reincarnated heartbreak.

We exchange smiles, words, numbers,
Then a first date leads to another
Ending with limbs and sheets
In a sweaty tangle.
Rekindled passion
Grows into a spiritual bond
Strong enough to withstand
The severing edge of time.
The wedding,
The children,
The grandchildren,
The waning years,
A timeless love story
That flashes by in a heartbeat….

Then I’m jostled back to reality.
He’s no longer there,
Vanished back into the crowd,
An unexpectedly missed connection.
Missed, at least, until the next time around.


Mary said...

Wow, Mary, this is quite a poem. I always wonder what would have happened if 'missed connections' would not have been missed. Would 'happily ever after' have been achieved, or was it better just to fantasize what might have been?

Brian Miller said...

and we hope there is that next time around...and connections are made...this time around...this def went places i did not see at first...nicely done...

Laurie Kolp said...

Those missed connections can certainly play tricks on the mind, romanticize what might have been when, in reality, it probably wasn't meant to be... unless you meet again one day.

Margaret said...

Intriguing thoughts... Feels a bit like "The Time Traveler's Wife"

Old Ollie said...

Cool metaphor - I like your take on this one, you have a real knack for imagery.

Peggy said...

Very nifty take on the connections prompt! I could feel myself in the airport and then the chance meeting of the eyes, ever so brief. Until the next time...Thanks for posting again on Poetry Jam. I am enjoying getting to know your work.

Helen said...

Life is all about the endless opportunities we have to reconnect. Your poem is inspiring ~~ I absolutely loved it!!

Jinksy said...

Synchronicity gone wrong, eh? Better luck next time...

Mariya Koleva said...

Wow, you surely managed to cut the long story (of life) short. Missed connections do have that power to make us dream and make the unhappened look very attractive and fit for us. While, most probably, it wasn't, if didn't happen :-) Oh, I don't know. I thank destiny for missed connections - they spice life up and heal disappointments.
Mary, this is a wonderful poem. I really enjoyed it a lot!

janaki nagaraj said...

Love and heartbreaks...very powerful and touching.

Sreeja said...

So touching and well crafted.

Dave King said...

Been there, done that. The smack of reality is very strong. Well done.

Hannah said...

Grows into a spiritual bond
Strong enough to withstand
The severing edge of time

Very powerful!

artbyrae said...

I Love this!
Great writing and thought!
Synchronicity and being always aware of what is there and what might just pass you by if you are not paying attention to all possible connections that may only have one chance to be.