Monday, January 2, 2012

Life after Death

She traded her black dresses
For sweaters of plum and lilac,
Topped with a flowery crimson hat.
Each of her letters spun
A new yarn about
Her latest adventure,
Pictures chronicling
The newest chapter in her story:
Leaning on a shovel
Searching for ancient relics at Giza;
Requiring seven stitches after
A wind surfing mishap in Oahu;
Flying over snow drifts
On a ski slope in Vermont.
Friends feared she would
Come to a crashing stop
After suffering such a sudden loss.
They never expected his death
Would lead her back to life.


Traci B said...

Fantastic poem, Mary! Losing someone can crush us, or it can spur us to live life fully. I'm glad your character chose to live.

margoroby said...

Mary, I love it. The poem tells a story that drew me in. I love the character your speaker describes, and I wouldn't, and for many didn't, spot the words if I hadn't read several wordle poems.

I just reread the poem and like it even more. So glad you beat those words into submission [I loved your comment].


Lady In Read said...

love the story!!:) you managed to tell so much is so few words....

brenda w said...

Fabulous. I love the positivity of story. This is a good reminder to enjoy every moment.