Saturday, January 28, 2012

Memories among the Melons

Our eyes met for the first time in years
Across the top of the cantaloupe display.  

It took just a moment for him to recognize me.
His icy blue eyes widened slightly,
Followed by that contagious grin
And sly little wink that always made me melt.

My reaction was predictable;
I smiled, glanced down, 
Looked back at him, smiled again.

He silently mouthed the words,
“I’ve missed you,”
Words my heart had been aching to hear.

“Mommy, can we get some of these?”
My daughter is standing at my side,
Eyes full of expectancy, 
Arms full of bananas.
I run my hand across her shoulders
And plant a kiss on top of her head.

“Sure, baby girl. Go ahead and put them in the cart.”

I look back across the cantaloupe display
And he was gone, no more than
A phantom memory among the melons.
I suppose some familiar gestures never change.


Mary said...

Oh, darn it! Wouldn't you just know it would be a phantom?????

Old Ollie said...

You are such a prolific poet! This is a very cool post.

Laurie Kolp said...

Some things never change, do they?

Margaret said...

my guess is she never misses going to the melon stand, hoping...

Such supermarket melodrama I seem to always miss! :) I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for poetic moments such as these...