Thursday, January 5, 2012

Life in Storage

A tiny rental house
Demands spartan style,
Utilitarian attention to detail,
Stripped of anything superfluous.

The fun, the funky,
My sense of whimsy,
Absent treasures
Wrapped in paper
In dusty packing boxes
Waiting for a new home.


Margaret said...

Spartan style for a while. But when it surrounds you again, it will be wonderful!

Ella said...

Oh, wow this brings back memories~ I have moved 17x in 27yrs, I can so relate~ Yes, it is difficult, but you will make it beautiful and your own~

Kerry O'Connor said...

Sometimes the absence of our favourite things, says a lot about our present state of mind.

Mary said...

At least you know you will have your treasures when you have your new home. They are not lost or destroyed.