Friday, January 27, 2012

A Curious Pair

George has been her best friend
For more than five years,
A constant companion on
Escapades through her imagination,
Sleeping snugly in her arms each night,
Two monkeys swinging from tree to tree
In search of life’s next adventure.
His brown felt skin is well-worn
And just a bit dirty,
His left arm bearing the scar
From an unfortunate accident that was
Quickly mended by Mom’s needle and thread.
The keeper of her secrets,
Her comforter when learning
Her first lessons in harsh realities,
Wide-eyed and smiling as always.
George truly is her best friend,
And if his stitched mouth could speak,
I’m sure he’d say
She is his best friend too,
Even without the yellow hat.


Mary said...

This made me smile. My granddaughter LOVES to have Curious George books read to her; and they all start out by mentioning the man with the yellow hat; but I never saw GEORGE himself with a yellow hat, I don't think.

booguloo said...

Thanks for the morning smile.