Monday, February 6, 2012

Tears of an Old Patriot

A patriot cries on heaven’s highest hill
And wonders if America remembers him still.
His nation, it seems, has lost its way,
A shining city plagued with urban decay.

Our people discouraged, the outlook looks bleak.
Our enemies see us as timid and weak.
The country is falling apart at the seams
As we witness the death of American dreams.

The government now is irreparably broken,
Ignoring the words that the people have spoken.
Our freedoms are fading, and some we have lost
For the sake of security, ignoring the cost.

He’s comforted knowing a new generation
Finds in his conservative stance, inspiration
To stand and continue to struggle, to fight
To protect precious liberty with all of their might.

He knows in his heart that our country’s best years
Are still yet to come, and he fights back his tears.
Let’s all come together and defend the Constitution.
The time is now here for a ballot-box revolution.

1 comment:

Mary said...

I agree with the ballot box revolution. The people have to let their feelings be known. I don't believe the government is irreparably broken, but it is so harmful for ALL when people cannot find a way to agree on anything.