Thursday, February 23, 2012

From the Mouth of a Candidate

My position is quite unambiguous;
I have always been fully supportive
Of this measure from the beginning,
Except for a brief period of time
When I opposed it prior to taking
A neutral stance on the subject,
Which certainly has considerable drawbacks
While maintaining wide-spread appeal.
After careful deliberation,
I can unequivocally state
That I may (or may not)
Consider endorsing this issue
At some point in the future.

      ~No political candidates have approved this message.
        (Did we really think any of them would?)

1 comment:

Mrsupole said...

This is so true, they all will say just about anything to get elected. We clearly need to get a smaller government and make any elected officials as a volunteer position with little or no pay involved. I bet if they only got paid what the minimum wage was then we would have better officials who actually cared about doing their job instead of the next election.

I guess once they stopped being volunteers and then the big money started, there was no chance for the average citizen to not be exploited by those of power.

Great take on the Double prompt. Happy Theme Thursday!!

God bless.