Sunday, February 19, 2012


Photo by Reena Walkling

Adrift on the unforgiving sea,
No rudder to correct my course,
An incomplete star chart and broken sextant
My only navigation tools.
Any captain worth his salt can see
The time has come to abandon ship
Or face a watery grave.

‘Tis better to spread my wings
And fly toward the horizon
In search of the next ocean.


Brian Miller said...

sometimes it is def the smart move to abandon ship and find brighter horizons...or just new ones to sail...very nice wisdom threaded through this...

Charles Miller said...

The old salts knew their stuff. I wish I had that internal GPS that birds have and some people like my wife and oldest son. I can go around the blick and get lost... at least in NYC. Of course, there's the other sense of knowing when to light out, as your poem suggests. Nice write!

Claudia said...

an unforgiving sea is not a good place to can try to change things but if no forgiveness comes, it may be wise to spread wings...nicely penned..

Mary said...

Ah yes, sometimes abandoning ship is the only way to guarantee one's safety. I like this.

oceangirl said...

..beautiful and picture perfect.