Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cinnamon Girl

Women come in a variety of flavors:
Exotic saffron,
Passionate cayenne,
Elegant tarragon.
I am a cinnamon girl,
Spunky and playful,
The comforting taste
Of a small town girl-next-door.
I may never inspire dreams
Of wild adventures
And exotic locales,
But still a fine flavor
For a man with the right palate.


Laurie Kolp said...

Mary- How clever of you! Cinnamon is always a nice treat. Hmmm...I'll have to think about what I am.

Mary said...

Ah, what fun! So you are a 'cinnamon girl.' I think I would be a 'cajun spice' or 'hot chili pepper' or a 'Fox Point seasonings' (you have to know Penzey's spices) type of person. I do like a flavoring for coffee!

artbyrae said...

I like this thought. We do all have are own spice...nice thought

Margaret said...

But still a fine flavor
For a man with the right palate.

Oh, this is fantastic and very clever. Loved it! I love dill.. I sprinkle it all over my salads and sandwiches. So I guess I'm a dill gal. :)

Oh, and did you know that a dash of cinnamon is really, really good in spaghetti sauce?

Helen said...

You did it! Started me thinking about what kind of spice I might be. Curry? Pepper? Cumin? Nutmeg? The possibilities are endless ... thanks for the suggestion.

Enchanted Oak said...

I've known men who need curry. I longed to be exotic for them. Found a man who likes my salt and pepper flavor, and 20 years later still finds me just right for him. Fun poem and good thoughts.

hot hot HOT

Jessica Maybury said...

You should join suicidegirls ;) It reads saucy and playful, I like your take.