Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Effects of Science on Modern Love

In this chemical reaction,
Molecules caught by attraction
Can often act erratically,
Creating heat and energy,

Complicating interaction
In this chemical reaction.
We’re testing our hypothesis
And giving close analysis,

Determining that energy
Increased thermodynamically
In this chemical reaction.
This wisdom gained by abstraction,

The lessons never taught in schools
Of chemistry and molecules,
Moving closer by a fraction
In this chemical reaction.

Note:  I'd like to apologize to scientists past and present for my poetic mangling of scientific theorem!


janaki nagaraj said...

This some reaction...a nice take.

Kris said...

Is this about Viagra?

Steve Isaak said...

Janaki said, in a slightly different way, what I was thinking. Solid work.

Mary Mansfield said...

You know, I had not thought about this in terms of Viagra, lol. I more went from the perspective of hormones being a chemical, and how we receive very few lessons in controlling ourselves when those hormones start running out of control. This was not an easy write for sure, but the challenge was a whole lot of fun.

Mrsupole said...

Lol at the viagra thing that Kris wrote.

I was thinking more about perfumes and colognes that men and women wear to attract the opposite sex. My grandsons usually only want two things for Christmas, cologne and money. They go through bottles of the stuff. And they are very picky about what they wear. Avon had one that they just could not get enough of and they discontinued it. Talk about some upset teenagers. At least they have a few others they like but to lose their favorite broke their hearts. They do smell great.

I really like your poem and your reaction to the prompt. Thanks so much for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday. Always fun to have you join in. See you next week.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

you're right, it's all about chemistry

senryu of lost soldiers