Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Paper Hearts and Dragons

In his watery blue depths
I was swept away,
Lost in the discordant melody
Of a doomed romance,
Addicted to a man
Who only knew of dysfunction,
Not true intimacy.
Our love was plagued
By his unslain dragons,
Demons tormenting each step,
Sending us into an abstract shimmy,
A bizarre dance of avoidance,
Emotions folded and creased,
Reduced to scraps of refuse.
The ethereal spangling of angelic wings
Was not enough to save us.
The coda of our love song
Distorted into cacophony,
Then faded into nothingness,
Leaving only the aches
Of the origami heart he shelved,
Fermenting in exquisite agony.


daphnepurpus said...

Powerful with magnificent imagery!

Mary said...

You deserve better!