Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blood Diamond

Her carefully measured words
Are always monitored
For any hint of rebellion,
Her dependence on him
Crucial to his master plans.
The ring on her left hand
A mark of his ownership;
Her life,
Her body,
Her blood,
All his for the taking,
Sacrificed on his altar of cruelty.
A rumpled bed,
A sullen glance,
A dinner served five minutes late,
All reasons show why  
A woman needs to kept in line
By whatever means necessary.
Tonight, however,
She will reap
Her carefully measured revenge,
And the blood sacrificed
Won’t be hers.


Mary said...

OOOOh, this poem has a very ominous tone.

Laurie Kolp said...

Something about revenge and blood tells me it won't be a pretty sight... tell us more!

Anonymous said...

that is one incredible symbol/metaphor

apollo and the two muses

Natasha Head said...

There will be a part two...right? Tell me I'm right! lol Fantastic and surprising weave...much enjoyed!

Brian Miller said...

ouch....the ring as ownership...i have never seen it as such, though i am all familiar with those that do....def ominous, but also sad...

Fred Rutherford said...

Mary, I love tales of revenge. This is a great one. I love how you set it up, for a minute or two I was kind of like, "what" so nicely done. Thanks

Andrew Kreider said...

Love the "carefully measured" tone of the poem - pent up, just waiting for the moment to burst!

ayala said...

Intriguing poem... Well penned !

Heaven said...

Nice tale of dark love and revenge...I like what is coming or due the Master ~

Mark Windham said...

A sad tale of what should be a bygone mindset. Flows quickly, builds the tension. Well done

kaykuala said...

Revenge as a theme is good! It gives way to matters of conflicts that make the verse powerful. But sad though! Great write, Mary!


Claudia said...

oh heck...this gave me the chills...hard to believe in our modern world are still men that think like that...but all too true..sad..