Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rain or Shine

© Laura Hegfield 2012
The sun shines
In another’s world,
Hope streams in
Warming rays,
But all I ever see is
Rain on my window.


Kerry O'Connor said...

The rain leaves one feeling gloomy. Let's hope for sunny days to come.

Anonymous said...

That is a frustrating feeling, especially if the two personalities live together: one sunny disposition and one gloomy. Although, I find rain to be very uplifting. Perhaps one might consider going outside the window to experience the rain. That might provide a bit of a cleansing and refreshed outlook.

Thank you for submitting such a short poem packed with meaning; that always makes my day. :)


Karen said...

I've had days like that.

Heaven said...

Specially when you are expecting spring or warm days ~ I think its a matter of perspective ~

Hannah said...

Hmm...somber and thoughtful, yet I enjoy rainy days with a balance of sunny ones, too. Nice poem, Mary!

hedgewitch said...

Definitely been there and can relate. Nice treatment of the photo.

Susie Clevenger said...

I feel sadness in this one...may sunshine dispel those rainy day thoughts.

Laura said...

beautiful Mary...the rain on this photo always makes me think of tears...your poem expresses this feeling so well.