Sunday, April 1, 2012

...Before I Wake

Evil stalks my dreams,
The restful peace I seek
In the quiet of my room denied
As unseen beings swirl around me,
Half-specter, half-shadow.
They see right through me,
My dreams, my fears.
Hands reach out to me…
Attempting to drag me
Away from the safety of my bed
Into pits of unspeakable torture.
The terror permeates my psyche.
Sulfur and brimstone overwhelm,
Filling my lungs with toxic fumes
As I struggle to keep my sanity,
Wondering what else might lurk
In the oppressive darkness.


keiths ramblings said...

The stuff of nightmares.Fantastic piece of writing - I only hope you sleep peacefully tonight!

Brian Miller said...

oy...i dont need anything else...that would be enough for me...and that sulfur smell never comes out of the sheets...smiles. said...

This was certianly hellish- sulphur- fire and brimstone - wrestling with some real night demons there. I definately think that experiencing a nightmare can feel this dramatic- particularly in those first waking moments....hope this isn't a regular occurence for you!

Sarah in Maine said...

I am going to ditto Brian Miller's
"oy...i dont need anything else...that would be enough for me...and that sulfur smell never comes out of the sheets...smiles."
that line you wrote "Sulfur and brimstone overwhelm,"is perfection for my vision of what you wrote.
Siggi in Downeast Maine

Mama Zen said...

Very intense!

Laurie Kolp said...

Yowza... not good to read right before bed... great, intense capture!!

Semaphore said...

I definitely don't want to come face-to-face with the horrors depicted either in the picture or in the poem.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Very nightmarish. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Being dragged to places we don't want to go - isn't this exactly what our sub-consciousses do in nightmares? You've captured the anticipation, the dread, the shock of waking and the fear of what else lies in the dark so well.

Fred Rutherford said...

Very cool. Love how the piece builds as you read down from line one and after. I also like how the resolution isn't an action, but a concern, a question speaking to what else is in there. Great job. Thanks

EJ said...

Wow, very vivid, this is great! I read this twice and two different perspectives made a connection for me... One is of course in the literal sense - Nightmares - and Two is all of those nagging thoughts I sometimes have first thing in the morning, in the dark, before I'm fully awake, like all of the annoying and frustrating items on a to-do list, or things you know you should be doing but don't want to, and so they swirl around your mind creating a nightmare until you force yourself out of bed and just DO them already. Thanks for sharing this :)

Anonymous said...

sad that your room is full or darkness

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