Friday, April 27, 2012

Ink-Stained Dreams

My ink-stained dreams
Have led me down
A strange and lonely path,
My eyes opened
To both the grand and minute,
The layers of life  
Swirling in circles
Through my heart
Expanding out into the universe.
Realizing that all are interconnected,
Symbiotic partners in existence.

My writing is a solitary pursuit
Colored by the efforts
Of those who came before,
Unmet friends whose words
Reach out to me from yellowing pages
Inspiring my pen to continue moving,
Writing my own history
One stanza at a time.


Mary said...

Mary, I don't think it is such a lonely path...but I know what you mean. We are all here behind our computer screens, but we are all connected through our words. As you said, "interconnected." And yes, there are a lot of unmet friends that continue to inspire me too. So many unmet people have enriched my life (and yours?. And yes, our history one stanza at a time..... thanks for participating in Poetry Jam!

Sreeja said...

that is really good I can connect with this thought.......nice.

Brian Miller said...

i feel you on the lonely path, i think it is at times as an artist...i also see what mary says too on the connection....those i have met on this journey have def touched my life and i have found friends i never would have had...keep that pen moving...

Daydreamertoo said...

Sometimes we falter, doubt whether we've chosen the right path or, not. But, in reality, the only path we can chose, is the one we do. Anything else is just not possible. And, sometimes following your dreams can also mean we do it alone too.
I feel all of the emotions in this.
Lovely writing.

Peggy said...

I left a comment before but it somehow did not show up. Ah the whims of cyberspace. Anyway I like this poem and the concept that we are writing our own history one line at a time. I have enjoyed getting to know your work on your blog here. Welcome to Poetry Jam.

Helen said...

It's hard to fathom someone reading our stories, our poems hundreds of years from now. Our history, it's going to be hanging around in cyberspace a long, long time.

Hannah said...

I really enjoy the path you've pursued with this one, Mary! I like this a lot:

"Of those who came before,
Unmet friends whose words
Reach out to me from yellowing pages
Inspiring my pen to continue moving,"

Such truth in this poem! Beautifully expressed.

Margaret said...

solitude and loneliness are two different things. I am very social, but I crave my quiet time, my writing and creative time. And I miss my inspiration... which is often the blogs I read and visit - those "others" who need solitude and creative time alone. I wonder what others will think 100 years from now, reading our way of speaking, our phrases, our antiquated ways... :)