Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Path to Peace

Peace by Sabine Sauermaul

Our human hearts long for peace
Yet too many cower in the face of danger,
Afraid to stand together
With the courageous conviction needed
To make peace a viable possibility.

Peace comes from strength.
The bullies and tyrants of the world 
Have no power if they have no prey;
They feed on the weakness and fear 
Of those who would acquiesce rather than fight.  
The path to peace cannot be found
In a tempest of politically correct pacifism 
That only serves to sacrifice our beliefs 
At the altar of the politically correct. 
Peace is truly the ultimate goal, 
A laudable aspiration
For any freedom-loving people,
One that we must be willing to
Work for,
Fight for,
And, if necessary,
Die for.

~~~~  This poem was written for a prompt from Imaginary Garden with Real Toads asking us to write about peace.


Laurie Kolp said...

So true... love this, Mary!

Kerry O'Connor said...

The bullies and tyrants of the world
Have no power if they have no prey..

Just these two lines give us a wealth to think about, Mary. Thank you for participating in the "Poetry for Peace" challenge this weekend.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the same lines Kerry mentioned. Great write!

Daydreamertoo said...

I echo Kerry's pick of fav lines, they are truth.

Mary said...

I couldn't have expressed it better. I agree 100%

Sharp Little Pencil said...

OK, I admit it; I'm a pacifist. I feel that all war is folly and that diplomacy should have been the first course of action in 2001. I'm not a fan of political correctness, but I do believe that when we run out of words, we humans tend to pick up guns.

Having made that disclaimer, Mary, this is a strong statement, and I applaud you for laying out your sentiments so well. You are a woman of convictions, and I commend you for a well-written poem which reflects your heart.

Peace, Amy