Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Ritual While Camping in the Wilderness

let us shake off the dust 
of our civilized lives 
and dance naked in the firelight, 
arms outstretched,
only the nonjudgmental eyes 
of the moon watching us.
shed our inhibitions
and the shackles of doubt,
casting our fears 
toward the heavens.
drink of the power 
of the earth and cosmos 
and enjoy the freedom 
most only find in dreams.

~~~~ This poem was inspired by a prompt from Poetic Asides asking for poems about camp/camping. This also was inspired by this week's prompt from Carry On Tuesday.

1 comment:

MAHARUKH said...

Yeah let us achieve what mostly is found in dreams... High spirited.. Inspiring the soul... loved it... beautifully written Mary :)