Monday, June 25, 2012

A Cup of Sanity

© Margaret Bednar ~  i & I ~  2012

Sip of
Provides a moment
Of peaceful reflection
And the opportunity
To refuel my soul, a respite
From hectic schedules and demanding
Voices…serenity topped with frothed milk.

~~~~~ This poem was inspired by a photo prompt from Imaginary Garden with Real Toads featuring the photography of Margaret Bednar.


Kerry O'Connor said...

Sometimes that is all it takes! This is the perfect form for the image too.

Heaven said...

I want to have a taste of that velvety cappucino ~ Perfect words to go with the picture ~

Hannah said...

I'm so in love with my morning cup!! Well captured moment, Mary!!

Helen said...

Total serenity, until the caffeine kicks in! I enjoyed your poem!

Anonymous said...

indeed - I like a little "serenity topped with frothed milk" myself :D

Margaret said...

This was a fun evening out with my children. My son would have probably preferred a beer... but he is not of age yet :) Thank you for this poem. Drinking my morning (or afternoon) cup of coffee IS poetry to my soul :)

my heart's love songs said...

a little indulgence can bring such relief to one's day.

i enjoyed this! {i've become addicted to iced coffee with milk this summer.}