Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Casting Wishes to the Sky

I still believe my secret dream,
The one I fear is too extreme,
Can break that binding earthly string.
When wrapped inside an angel’s wing.

When seeking power to redeem
A broken wish that’s lost its gleam,
I seek the help of One supreme,
The fragile faith to which I cling.
I still believe.

It sometimes seems a hopeless scheme,
To linger on the same old theme
And risk the pain of failure’s sting.
With all the power I can wring
To carry on instead of scream,
I still believe.

~~~~This poem was written for a prompt from Imaginary Garden with Real Toads suggesting we try writing a rondeau.  This was also inspired by an interesting quote from Poetic Bloomings asking us to take our title from another poem written for that site and make it the title of our poem.  I ended up choosing one of my own poems, Splash.

1 comment:

Mary said...

You did well with the rondeau. I really like the form. The repetition of the words "I still believe" worked very well. Carry on......and keep your dreams.