Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Pain of Chores

Photo by Mary Mansfield

Chores are a pain.
Those words
Must have passed
My lips
A thousand times
As a child.
Who wanted
To waste time
Trapped in the house
When fun and friends
Beckoned from 
The yard,
The park,
The streets 
Of the neighborhood?

Those years
Have long gone,
And today
Chores are truly a pain,
Ten minutes 
Of vacuuming
Enough to unleash
A raging monster
Coiling around 
My spine,
Sending me writhing
Searching for ice packs,
Heating pads,
And painkillers;
Folding laundry
With numb fingers
Little more
Than origami torture
In a washable
Cotton-poly blend.
I’d trade a million 
Spaghetti-crusted pans
For just one day
When the pain of chores
Was not so literal.

~~~ This poem was written for a prompt from Poetic Bloomings asking for poems about chores, the latest in its poetic memoir series.

1 comment:

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Yes, I, too, know the physical pain that accompanies getting around it, chores are a pain. And we cant get today's kids to DO chores:)