Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shrapnel to the Heart

Cosma by sabine Sauermaul

my heart transformed,
now a magnet for his shrapnel, 
love, an unavoidable vortex, 
a dislocating kiss 
in the thundering wilds. 
I hang my emotions 
on the clothesline
to dry my wrenched tears,
fevered delirium 
embedded in each fiber, 
a mournful marathon 
through an auburn Tuesday night. 
he rendered me helpless, 
a phantom vapor 
chasing her siren, 
holding his howls 
close as remedy
before planting myself 
in a sheltered corner. 
a melancholy wind blows, 
swaying my grasses,  
erotic scents floating 
with stray powders 
from fairy wands.  
I float on his tides, 
a helpless captive 
to his churning waters,
the ebb and flow of his world 
determining the shape of mine. 

~~~  This poem was written for the prompt from Imaginary Garden with Real Toads asking us to draw inspiration from the words of a fellow poet and to write a surrealistic poem.  My inspiration came from the line “…sheltered in the corner of your shrapnel heart” from the poem “Box Shaped Heart” by Hannah Gosselin. I’m also linking this up for this week’s prompt over at Poetry Jam and the OctPoWriMo Day 25 prompt, which both asked us to write about love.


Hannah said...

"I hang my emotions
on the clothesline
to dry my wrenched tears,
fevered delirium
embedded in each fiber,"

I absolutely love this portion, Mary!Great work!

sreeja harikrishnan said...

Great lines... loved the way words weaved a story...Great!

my heart's love songs said...

this is stunning, Mary! i didn't have the courage to try to write a surrealistic poem. even through this form though, i could feel her giving over control to him. fabulous write!

sewa mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

Dark and deep, this strongly portrays the opposite of LOVE when one is consumed into someone else in that way & losing oneself. Whew.

Brian Miller said...

I hang my emotions
on the clothesline
to dry my wrenched tears...really like that line mary...i like the rather back and forth emotions in this as well...from the shrapnel early on (ouch) to the soothing of the tides...and i like how you use water in shaping in the end...its pretty cool what it can do to stone...and that plays well with the heart...

Meg said...

I too love the imagery of hanging emotions on the clothesline to dry...simply awesom.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I, too, love the clothesline lines........and you have captured well the angst of someone whose emotions depend on another. You nailed it.

Kay L. Davies said...

The angst Sherry mentioned? I found it in this poem, too, especially in the last five lines:
"I float on his tides,
a helpless captive
to his churning waters,
the ebb and flow of his world
determining the shape of mine."
I shiver at the idea of being a helpless captive to someone else's churning waters, but I can't tell if it's a shiver of fear or a shiver of delight.
Wonderfully done, Mary.

Margaret said...

You rocked surrealism and made it beautiful. Not easy to do... My attempt didn't really rise to this challenge, but yours did!

Daydreamertoo said...

Wow... shrapnel ...just that word alone brings up thoughts of deep wounds and pain. Very vivid in many ways. Everyone has quoted my fav line too but, yes, you rose to the challenge.
Powerful piece. Great poetry.

Loredana Donovan said...

You combined tortured love and surrealism so well with such vivid images describing painful emotions. This reads like a co-dependent relationship. Ah, to be free of that unhealthy control and ride on the waves of real love ... :) Well done with this poetry form!

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Well written poem :) nice idea with the magnetism.