Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Face in the Window

Art Credit: Lost Moments, 2012
by Nick Gentry

A face in the window 
on memory lane, 
phantom perfumes 
on melancholy winds, 
the discarded negatives 
of long ago days,
randomly drifting
in the light of the holy. 
Life goes on, 
always timely, 
always provocative,
as I crawl 
through the remnants
of my human history.
Many moons circle 
and I continue on, 
to see the healing power 
of my soul singing, 
barely above a whisper,  
wishing to stay there forever.

Written for a prompt from dVerse Poets Pub asking us to draw inspiration from the art of Nick Gentry. You can find more information on this talented artist here.


Grace said...

I specially like this part:

Life goes on,
always timely,
always provocative,

May the new year bring you lots of healing power ~ Good to see you Mary ~ Hope you are well ~

Anonymous said...

I can see this poem from the picture - nice.

Brian Miller said...

crawl through the remnants of my human history was the line that really jumped out at me...and stuck with me (i read this earlier this morning)

i like the renewal of the soul singing as well...

Björn Rudberg said...

You have realy captured the essence of the picture. The discarded yet kept.. I think that's what pictures are today.. Could we just remain a little longer - clinging on.

Claudia said...

phantom perfumes... very cool... all that is and then fades but still stays... love the feel of the poem

Glenn Buttkus said...

Very strong response to the artwork prompt; excellent flow & imagery; liked the lines /randomly drifting/in the light of the holy/ with God on one side, then the other--whose bullet is more holy?
(from one of my poems).

Gabriella said...

I like the nostalgic feel of your poem, especially at the beginning as the persona looks back on her past. This photo was also my favorite.

Mary said...

There is indeed so much to discover as one crawls through the remnants of one's human history....memories can indeed often heal! I liked the ideas expressed in your poem.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother lost two of her children in a house fire when they were young. I can remember her sitting by the window knowing she was looking in not out and reliving that moment - that still real moment - she would mumble, "God have mercy" Memories are powerful things.

Anthony Desmond said...

excellent writing! you really captured an incredible essence that flows straight from the painting

Kate Mia said...

Ah.. the nostalgia of floppy disc..

on file..:)

Ginny Brannan said...

"the discarded negatives
of long ago days,"

Really liked that particular line, and where your words took you with this image.

Anonymous said...

we all do that crawl, don't we? ~