Thursday, April 18, 2013

Devils and Angels

Image by Sabine Sauermaul

Eluding devils whisper in my ears,
Leading me down false paths
With no intention of help,
Those corrupt murmurs
Playing on my weaknesses,
Leaving me under the influence
Of my persistent doubts.

I cling to dead talismans
Of my faded faith,
Translating ancient truths
From obscure tongues
In search of a solution,
Wishing I had the courage
To climb the mountain
And seek the quiet counsel
Of angels who no longer
Fly through my world.

This was written for a prompt from Poetic Bloomings that gave us a list of words and asked us to use their antonyms in a poem.  The prompt words and my chosen opposites are listed below.

Angel - devil, impair - help, transparent - obscure, skullduggery - truths,  problem - solution, timidity - courage,  loudly - quiet, power - weaknesses, sober - under the influence, chaste - corrupt.

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