Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Standing Strong

I battled angry dragons
Breathing fiery lies,
Barbed wire talons
Designed to rip flesh from bone.
Possessed lovers,
Their demons unexorcised,
Forcing me to
Pay penance
For their sins.
The walking dead surround me,
Urging me to settle for
The ordinary,
The mediocre,
The mundane.
They seek to destroy
The light that guides me,
The faith that strengthens my resolve.
I’ve watched my dreams
Abandoned in reality’s wasteland.
I sense the approaching evil
Seeking to insinuate itself into my life.
The new day brings
A new menace,
Pushing me to
The edge of oblivion yet again,
But through the impending hellfire,
Risking all in the face of catastrophe,
I will stand strong.


Mary said...

Keep those dreams and faith alive; give the demons a swift kick; and DO stand strong!

Marian said...

wait, zombies PLUS dragons? that is some kinda apocalypse! :)

Mark Windham said...

standing strong against our demons is always the hardest battle. A good write.

De said...

Breathing fiery lies...
YES. This is so descriptive, Mary!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow, powerful interpretation of the photo. I love the strong closing line especially!

turtlememoir said...

well done! all those hurdles to leap, battles to be won... but that's what makes us strong.

Kerry O'Connor said...

That is a very powerful picture and you worked the metaphoric interpretation very well. Strong piece.

Herotomost said...

Wooohoooo!!!! Thats a battle cry to save your dreams. There is always someone there to bring reality crashing down...what they don't know is if they had never told would have been just fine and that much closer I think. Battle on Girly Q!!!

Kay L. Davies said...

"Abandoned in reality's wasteland" — wow!
I would have a hard time looking at this photo, never mind interpreting it, and you've done a stellar job!

Heaven said...

This is a strong battle cry...yes, stand strong ~

Kateri said...

Very powerful...and leading up to..."I will stand strong."

Hannah Pratt said...

I like this: Forcing me to Pay penance For their sins. Those are touching words.

Mystic_Mom said...

Yeah! This just really has so much in it that makes me want to stand up and recite it! Thanks, this rocks.